Society for Neuroscience Capital Hill Day.

SfN Capitol Hill Day is the hallmark advocacy event of the year. SfN members from across the country convene on Capitol Hill to meet with their congressional representatives to discuss advances in the field of neuroscience, share the economic and public health benefits of investment in biomedical research, and make the case for strong national investment in scientific research through NIH and NSF.

Scientists know better than anyone that scientific progress cannot happen without an adequate, predictable stream of public funding. But members of Congress, who decide how much money will be spent on science, need to know what scientists know.

Hill Day is an opportunity for scientists to meet face-to-face with lawmakers to share their expertise and put a human face to decisions about research funding. These meetings lay the groundwork for getting lawmakers into the lab, meeting with them when they return to their districts, and becoming a resource to their staff when they make important decisions about research funding.

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U.S. Representative visits Baylor College of Medicine.

U.S Representative for Texas’ s 7th congressional district, John Culberson, visits Baylor College of Medicine. Culberson met with various PI’s including our very own, Dr. Melanie Samuel.