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Fenge Li is a postdoctoral associate in the Samuel Lab. She joined the Samuel Lab in early 2017 where she has been focused on researching how microglia mediate synapse pruning in developing retinas. Fenge has a MD in Clinical Medicine from Jining Medical University. In addition she also has a Ph.D. in Cancer Immunology from Tianjin Medical University & MD Anderson Cancer Center (joint degree). Fenge has published in several journals (see below) and has also served as a journal editor. 

When Fenge is not working she enjoys exploring the United States, traveling to visit family in China and spending time with her daughter Anni. 

Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

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Other Articles

[13] Li F, Guo Z. Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombus. Int J Oncol. 2012; 39(3):225-27.

[14] Li F, Guo Z, Yu H, Wang H. Case report: Liver and bilateral renal hamartoma with left renal carcinoma [J]. Chinese Medical Journal.2013, 93(19):1519. 


Guest editor, Gene Regulation and Systems Biology GRSB


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