What separates us from other research teams?

The Samuel Lab not only works to elicit change at the bench, we reach out into the community to make change.

We pursue these goals through:

  • Keeping the public informed about all out important updates and news.

  • Having an active role in the community and promoting advocacy.

  • Providing an inside look into tho the science we study through engaging videos.


Lab News

The Samuel lab aims to keep you updated about all our major events.

From attending major conferences around the world to taking part in weekend retreats, here are all the major updates about the Samuel Lab.


The Samuel lab aims to make a difference.

By advocating on Capitol Hill and with local U.S. Senators to provide more funding for research, the Samuel Lab strives to promote the growth of scientific discovery for the good of humanity.


The Samuel Lab aims to give the public an inside view of our work.

Watch Dr. Melanie Samuel explain how the lab uses data from the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) for answering questions regarding neural development or as she explains age-related changes in the nervous system and cancer susceptibility.